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    Gabbie9381 / Laurens Schutze - Another Experimental Sound

    Gabbie9381 / Laurens Schutze - Another Experimental Sound

    About Gabbie9381 / Laurens Schutze

    I'm a musician who's making music for the hobby. I spend as much time I have on music. People says that I'm pretty good, but I think there's still enough to improve on my music. I make trance and hardcore the most times, but I'm also experimenting with other genres, so everybody may find something that they like.


    - Why or how did you choose your bandname?
    People gave me the name "Gabbie" because of the gabber music I make sometimes...

    - Do you play live? Where? Do you like it? Any special moments?
    No, I don't play live yet...

    - How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
    The internet (or mp3) is changing the music industry, but on the other side the internet is a real good way to let your music be heard than we all could when there wasn't internet yet.

    - Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?
    It depends on if I could become more better and what the conditions are. I'm not saying my music sounds that bad, but I also don't say it's that good so I could sign a record contract immediadly.

    - Band History:
    When I was a little boy, I was already interested in music. Sometimes I was under the shower or in bath and I was singing known songs, but I also added my own melodies at those known songs and from that time I thought "I need an instrument or something to play and make my own music". When I was 14, I started to discover the program Octamed on the Commodore Amiga. Then I was making early hardcore and it didn't sound that bad, but also not really surprising because the program was missing too much to make real awesome pieces of music, but it was funny that time. I used the program till the end of 2000 and in 2001 I discovered Fruityloops/FL Studio and started to learn to make music with that program and now today I still use that program.

    - Who or what are your musical influences?
    I don't really have special artists and/or bands who are my influences because I like a lot of music, so it's possible that a lot of artists could give any good ideas which I can work out on my own way. Any other influences are, real life, love, hate, war, everything what's going on in the society, good or bad, etc, etc. I even experience sometimes when I start to make a new track, I can make a begin of the track and then if I try to go on, then it won't until there's something special happening in life and then suddenly I can finish the track. It's not at every track that it happens and it also depends on what's going on in life, but sometimes it looks like I can only produce music if I experience some special important things in real life.

    - Your favorite spot or city?
    I don't have a favorite spot or city. It could be awesome everywhere...

    - What equipment do you use?
    My PC or Laptop, FL Studio and AudaCity and I have extra plugins installed in FL Studio to make more possible in that program and the music ofcourse.

    - Anything else...?
    First of all, thanks for listening and if you have any comments or questions, then just let me know.

    At the second : As a musician you must not look like someone else, as a musician you must look like that one who's unique...

    And third : If you want to become unique, then first learn the basics about music before you can learn to make yourself unique, because if you don't know the basics, then it may be harder to experiment with music.

    Interview is coming from http://www.soundclick.com/gabbie9381

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